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Table 4 Key studies related to surgical stabilization of cervical spine fractures in ankylosing spondylitis.

From: Pitfalls and complications in the treatment of cervical spine fractures in patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Authors Year Design N Preoperative neurological compromise Surgical stabilisation Outcome of stabilization
Olerud et al. [16] 1996 Retrospective case series 17 ? Anterior and posterior stabilisation ?
Taggard & Traynelis [23] 2000 Prospective case series 7 3 Posterior All survivors with solid fusion after 3 months
Guo et al. [45] 2004 Retrospective case series 11 8 Anterior and posterior All survivors with fusion at final follow-up
Cornefjord et al. [21] 2005 Retrospective case series 19 8 Posterior and combined Fusion in all patients
Zdichawski et al. [3] 2005 Retrospective multicentric case series 19 ? Anterior, posterior, and combined 3 cases with implant failure (all cases anterior-only)
Payer [46] 2006 Retrospective case series 4 2 Anterior, posterior and combined Fusion in all survivors
Einsiedel et al. [14] 2006 Retrospective multicentric case series 37 36 Anterior, posterior and combined 5 cases with early implant failure (all cases anterior only)