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Table 2 Incidence and risk of hypoxemia for individual and combinations of risk factors

From: Risk of postoperative hypoxemia in ambulatory orthopedic surgery patients with diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea: a retrospective observational study

Number of risk factors Risk factors combinations Incidence of hypoxemia
(% and number of pts)
0 None 22% (20) 0.35
1 COPD 33% (1) 0.5
  Upper extremity procedure 41% (43) 0.71
2 COPD + Upper extremity procedure 78% (7) 2.59
  1. Odds were calculated from logistic regression. Individual odds ratios can be calculated for any pair. For example the odds ratio for both risk factors versus just COPD is (2.59/0.5 = 5.18)