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Table 1 Major and minor complications.

From: The influence of iron status and genetic polymorphisms in the HFE gene on the risk for postoperative complications after bariatric surgery: a prospective cohort study in 1,064 patients

  Death from any cause
  Reoperations for any cause
  Respiratory including hypoxia, hypercarbia, reintubation, or significant dyspnea
  Bleeding including post-operative blood loss sufficient to require transfusion or reoperation
  Wound complications requiring readmission to the hospital
  Leak including leak from pouch, anastomosis, or excluded stomach
  Thromboembolism including proven deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolus
  Gastrointestinal including paralytic ileus, intestinal ischemia, intestinal obstruction or internal hernia
  Acute renal failure including renal failure requiring dialysi
  Other severe problems causing readmission
  Feeding intolerance including delayed discharge because foregut symptoms delayed diet progression
  Cardiac including atrial fibrillation or flutter
  Infection including pneumonia, sepsis, cellulitis, fever, clostridia difficile infection, or wound infection
  Urinary including urinary tract infection, or urinary retention
  Superficial wound complications which did not require or prolong hospitalization
  Minor respiratory problems which did not require or prolong hospitalization
  Stricture including gastro-jejunal anastomotic stricture
  Other minor problems without readmission