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Table 6 Recommended potential strategies (n = 442) to avoid preventable surgical AEs (n = 150)

From: The incidence, root-causes, and outcomes of adverse events in surgical units: implication for potential prevention strategies

Potential prevention strategy No. preventable AEs Frequency (%)*
Quality assurance/peer review (Continuously monitoring quality and assessment of health care workers performance by individuals in the same field) 111 72.9
Training (improving (re) training programs for skills needed) 78 58.9
Evaluation (evaluating the current way of behaving regarding safety) 84 51.4
Procedures (improving formal and informal procedures) 65 40.6
Motivation (positive behavior modification) 41 30.2
Information and communication (improving available sources of information, communication structures and medical record keeping) 33 17.3
Technology/equipment (e.g. redesign of technical devices) 11 9.3
Personnel (Increasing amount of personnel) 4 3.1
Scaling up (handling the problem at a higher organizational level) 4 1.8
Financial investment (Financial investments in required areas) 3 1.5
Other 8 3.6
  1. * Corrected for the over-representation of deceased patients and hospital type