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Table 1 Case series of Postpartum Disruption of the Pelvic Ring in recent year.

From: Severe postpartum disruption of the pelvic ring: report of two cases and review of the literature

Author/s (year) cases pregnancy symphysis diastasis SI treatment follow-up
Dhar(1992)9 2 Second 2.3cm;1.8cm   Bed rest Normal after 3 months
Pennig (1997)3 1 Second 3 cm Right widening external fixator normal
Kharrazi (1997)7 4 3/4 second Average initial 6.4 cm(range: 6.1-6.6) sclerosis Bed rest and pelvic binder All residual pain and disability
Rommens(1997)12 3 2 first; 1 third 1.5 cm, after 4-6 weeks of bed rest   Symphysis plate and one SI screw All free of complaints
Hierholzer(2007)13 1 Second 9 cm Both widening Symphysis plate and both SI screw Recovery after 23 months,