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Table 5 Practices and experiences of respondents with regard to malpractice

From: Malpractice awareness among surgeons at a teaching hospital in Pakistan

  Yes No
Have you been through a serious medical error? 117(36.7%) 202(63.3%)
Did you disclose the error to the patient? 63(53.8%) 54(46.2%)
Did you feel relaxed after disclosing to the patient? 56(88.9%) 7(11.1%)
Have you ever received malpractice claims? 13(4.1%) 306(95.9%)
Have you ever been physically/verbally assaulted by the patient or their attendants? 147(46.1%) 172(53.9%)
Do you have a habit of frequently taking proper informed consent? 241(75.5%) 78(24.5%)
Do you keep yourself updated on innovations in medicinal protocols by a regular review of literature? 262(82.1%) 57(17.9%)
Do you avoid taking a case if you think it is difficult? 83(26.0%) 236(74.0%)
Are you more aggressive if there are financial gains associated with a case? 27(8.5%) 292(91.5%)
Are you more defensive if there are financial liabilities associated with a case? 39(12.2%) 280(87.8%)
Do you have a habit of frequently referring cases to specialists? 284(89.0%) 35(11.0%)
Do you order more tests than needed, in order to save yourself from liability/accountability? 131(41.1%) 188(58.9%)
Do you think that you provide adequate care to your patients? 301(94.4%) 18(5.6%)