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Table 1 Items in respect to patient safety (n = 62-63 answers per item)

From: The impact of a dedicated training program for oral examiners at a medical school in Germany: a survey among participants from operative and non-operative disciplines

Item Number of answers with clear affirmation (scale 1–2) Number of answers with tendency towards affirmation (Scale 3) Cumulated answers (Scale 1–3)
Oral examinations using concrete clinical cases or problems essentially contribute to patient safety. 42/63 (67%) 9/63 (14%) 51/63 (81%)
For patients’ safety it is important to have clear and criteria-based rules for grading in the oral part of the final exam. 34/63 (54%) 14/63 (22%) 48/63 (76%)
For patients’ safety the candidates should be examined more critically in the oral part of the final exam. 39/62 (63%) 11/62 (18%) 50/62 (81%)