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Table 2 Locations of different inflammatory processes and abscesses

From: Multifocal infections of the musculoskeletal system: description of a safe one-step procedure for eradication of associated spinal infections

Patients Location of musculoskeletal inflammatory processes Total number of inflammatory abscesses
1 Intraspinal abscess L3-S3, lumbar paravertebral abscess, abscesses psoas musle left side, abscess sternoclavicular joint, gluteal muscles left side and area of greater ischiadic foramen 6
2 Spondylodiscitis C5/6 with epidural abscess, thoracolumbar paravertebral abscesses, abscess axillary region left side, infection of a central venous port system with subcutaneous abscess 4
3 Spondylodiscitis L3/4 with epidural abscess, bacterial arthritis of the hip, abscesses in the psoas muscles 4
4 Bacterial arthritis of metacarpophalangeal joints digitus II und III right, bacterial arthritis upper ankle joint both sides, infection of a total knee prosthesis both sides, bacterial arthritis glenohumeral joint both sides, abscess iliac muscle left side, spondylodiscitis C4 to C6 10
5 Infection of a total knee prosthesis left side, bacterial arthritis knee joint right, spondylodiscitis L1/2, abscess sternoclavicular joint right side 4
6 Spondylodiscitis C4/5 and L2 to L5, lumbar paravertebral abscess, abscesses in the psoas muscles both sides 5
7 Spondylodiscitis C5 to C7, lumbar paravertebral abscess and spondylodiscitis Th12/ L1, bacterial arthritis glenohumeral joint right, bacterial arthritis knee joint left, bacterial arthritis of the hip right, infection of soft tissue dorsum of the hand right 7