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Table 2 Objective knowledge items

From: Frequency of use and knowledge of the WHO-surgical checklist in Swiss hospitals: a cross-sectional online survey

  Question Answer
Question 1: WHO-Checklist is a synonym for Team Time Out. False
Question 2: The WHO-checklist does not have to be signed by every member of the team. Correct
Question 3: The WHO-checklist asks for the exact documentation of the number of used swabs. False
Question 4: The WHO-checklist exclusively addresses surgeons. False
Question 5: The WHO-checklist recommends an antibiotic prophylaxis within 60 minutes before surgery. Correct
Question 6: The WHO-checklist shall support inexperienced members of the team. False
Question 7: The WHO-checklist is a tool used to attribute mistakes and misses to specific persons. False
Question 8: The WHO-checklist aims at preventing accidental omissions within routine procedures. Correct
Question 9: The WHO-checklist aims at improving team communication. Correct
Question 10: The WHO-checklist may be used to document complications. False