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Table 3 Results of laboratory investigations of Case 3

From: Screening for proteinuria in ‘at-risk’ patients with spinal cord injuries: lessons learnt from failure

Urea: 5.3 mmol/L.
Creatinine: 121 umol/L.
Haemoglobin: 117 g/L.
July 2013: Urine protein: 1.43 g/L
Protein:creatinine ratio: 201.4 mg/mmol.
October 2013: Urine protein: 1.51 g/L.
December 2013: Urine protein: 1.57 g/L.
Urine protein from left nephrostomy: 0.52 g/24 hours;
Urine protein from right nephrostomy: 0.53 g/24 hours.
Serum total protein: 61 g/L; Albumin: 32 g/l.
Serum IgG: 13.29 g/L (reference range: 6.00-16.00).
Serum IgA: 2.85 g/L (reference range: 0.80-4.00).
Serum IgM: 0.72 g/L (reference range: 0.50-2.00).
Serum protein electrophoresis: No abnormal bands were detected.
Serum Glomerular Basement Membrane Screen: Negative.
Serum Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies Screen by fluorescence: Negative.