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Table 1 Implementation phases

From: Implementation of the WHO “Safe Surgery Saves Lives” checklist in a podiatric surgery unit in Spain: a single-center retrospective observational study

Phases Process
1. Need for implementation and creation of a working group - Identification of the problem and precision of the verification checklist as a solution
- Creation of a team that will develop the implementation.
2. Definition of purpose of the checklist and the bibliographic review - Identification of the people to whom the checklist is performed and the type of activity to which this tool is aim to be related to.
3. Analysis of the situation - Observation of the context where the implementation will be developed.
-Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses.
4. Elaboration of an activity checklist - Creation of a sequential list of the actions that are being performed and on which interventions are required.
5. Design of the verification checklist - Creation of a preliminary format with the help of an activity list.
6. Revision of the checklist - Periodic review of the checklist with members of the team and participants of the implementation.
7. Proof of the functionality of the verification checklist - A small-scale evaluation of the checklist.
- Training for professionals.
- Analyses of the experience through the direct observation or questionnaires
8. Approval of the checklist - Performs of the necessary modifications.
9. Training for professionals - Training through workshops, talks, live simulations.
10. Regular re-assessment of the checklist - Analyses of changes on the context of functioning
- Performs of readjustments according to the changes in the situation.
  1. The process of implementation lasts 10 months and it has 10 different phases