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Table 6 Relationship between Surgical site infecion and the secure use of the antibiotic prophylaxis

From: Implementation of the WHO “Safe Surgery Saves Lives” checklist in a podiatric surgery unit in Spain: a single-center retrospective observational study

  Antibiotic prophylaxis security
Secure Insecure
Surgical site Infection Yes Recount 11 9
% in the Antibiotic prophylaxis security 11,0 % 29,0 %
Revised residues −2,4 2,4
No Recount 89 22
% in the Antibiotic prophylaxis security 89,0 % 71,0 %
Revised residues 2,4 −2,4
B. Chi-square Pearson test and Fisher’s exact stadistical test
  Value gl Sig. Asymptotic (bilateral) Sig. Exact (bilateral) Sig. Exact (Unilateral)
Pearson chi-square 5.948 1 .015   
Fisher’s exact statistical test     .022 .019
Number of valid cases 134    
  1. (When it use the antibiotic prophylaxis security correctment, the surgical site infection decrease to stadistical significative way)