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Table 1 Result of survey on the informed consent form used

From: A survey on surgeons' perceived quality of the informed consent process in a Swiss paediatric surgery unit

Opinion >75 % >50 % >25 % <25 %
Definitions: what is the informed consent form? Defined the informed consent form as proof that information and explanations were given to parents - - -
Questionnaire structure - Satisfied with the form they use Mentioned the mandatory character of the form A legal requirement; induced by the consent form; biased relationship
Subjective opinion on parents’ understanding of the form Think that the form is easy to understand - - -
Subjective opinion on parent’s understanding of the form’s usefulness Parents understand the form’s usefulness when it is explained to them - Think that the form is poorly understood -
Potential improvements - Would not make any changes - Get rid of the form; adding a note for the non-signing parent; Use the institutional form as a template