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Table 3 Most commonly misreported events by Anesthesiologists (a)

From: Are surgeons and anesthesiologists lying to each other or gaming the system? A national random sample survey about “truth-telling practices” in the perioperative setting in the United States

Anesthesia actions that impacted vital signs (e.g. a recruitment maneuver) 34 (27 %)
Vital signs different than those measured 25 (20 %)
Volume of Fluid Given 23 (18 %)
Anesthesia related adverse events, regardless of how minor, routine, or seemingly unimportant (eg Chipped tooth or bloddy lip following intubation) 19 (15 %)
Vasopressor 18 (14 %)
Drugs 11 (9 %)
Medication dose 11 (9 %)
  1. aPercent respondents ackowledging intentional misreporting of information monthly or more often