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Fig. 4

From: Single-stage debridement and spinal fusion using PEEK cages through a posterior approach for eradication of lumbar pyogenic spondylodiscitis: a safe treatment strategy for a detrimental condition

Fig. 4

Examplary case of a 77 year old female patient presenting with immobilizing low back pain (VAS 10/10), instability, secondary kyphosis and an elevated CRP level of 119 mg/l. Pre-operative sagittal MR T2-weighted (a) and STIR (b) images demonstrate significant signal enhancements with arrosions of the bony endplates at the L3/4 level, along with a suspected infection of the L4/5 disc. The axial MR T2-weighted image of the L3/4 level (c) shows advanced degenerative changes of the facet joints with consecutive bilateral stenosis of the neuroforamen and spinal canal

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