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Table 3 Reasons given by 263 surgeons who re-administered antibiotics intraoperatively, according to a survey of Orthopaedic Trauma Association members, September–December, 2015

From: Current practice of antibiotic prophylaxis for surgical fixation of closed long bone fractures: a survey of 297 members of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association

Reason No. (%) of surgeons
Half life/duration of surgery 198 (75)
Estimated blood loss/IV fluid dilution 54 (21)
Hospital guidelines 24 (9.1)
Referred to literature 19 (7.2)
Wound size, procedure type, case complexity 15 (5.7)
Ambient instrument contamination because of case length 7 (2.7)
Making a second incision 3 (1.1)