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Table 1 List of patient’s injuries and ISS

From: Delayed recognition of an ipsilateral femoral neck and shaft fracture leading to preventable subsequent complications: a case report

Region Injury description AIS score top three2
Head or neck diffuse intracerebral contusion 3  
traumatic right parieto-occipital
subrachnoid hemorrhage
4 16
Face left zygomatic bone fracture 3  
right temporal fracture 3  
right orbital rim fracture 3  
right orbital floor fracture 3  
Chest mediastinal contusion 2  
bilateral lung contusion 3 9
Abdomen or pelvis contents no injury 0  
Extremities or pelvic girdle left femoral shaft fracture 3 9
left patella fracture 2  
External alcohol intoxication 2  
traumatic rhabdomyolysis 3  
acute hemorrhagic anemia 3  
hypokalemia 3  
ISS (Σ 3most AIS score) 2    34
  1. Only the highest AIS score in each body region is used (highlighted in Bold). The 3 most severely injured body regions have their score squared and added together to produce the ISS score