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Fig. 1

From: The role of pre-reduction MRI in the management of complex cervical spine fracture-dislocations: an ongoing controversy?

Fig. 1

Initial diagnostic workup of the cervical spine injury with CT (panels a-f) and MRI (panels G,H). The sagittal views in panels a-d demonstrate the fracture dislocation with the left sided perched facet (panel c, and arrow in panel b) and the right sided facet fracture-dislocation (panel d). The posterior traumatic laminotomy is shown in axial CT images of C6 (panel e) and C7 (panel f). Panels g and h are sagittal STIR-weighed MRI images of the cervical spine, demonstrating the extruded C7/T1 disc within the spinal canal (panel h is a magnification of panel g

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