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Table 1 Top-10 most accessed articles on the PSS website (as of Nov. 15, 2017)

From: The 10th anniversary of patient safety in surgery

Rank Article Publication year Accesses (n)
1 Kirchhoff P, et al.
Complications in colorectal surgery: risk factors and preventive strategies.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2010, 4:5
2010 114,201
2 Stahel PF, et al.
Why do surgeons continue to perform unnecessary surgery?
Patient Saf. Surg. 2017, 11:1
2017 100,785
3 Stornelli N, et al.
The dangers of lithotomy positioning in the operating room: case report of bilateral lower extremity compartment syndrome after a 90-min surgical procedure.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2016, 10:18
2016 93,699
4 Subramanian V, et al.
The risk of intra-urethral Foley catheter balloon inflation in spinal cord-injured patients: Lessons learned from a retrospective case series.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2016, 10:14
2016 90,381
5 Oldhafer F, et al.
Monitoring of liver function in a 73-year old patient undergoing ‘Associating Liver Partition and Portal vein ligation for Staged hepatectomy’: case report applying the novel liver maximum function capacity test.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2016, 10:16
2016 87,966
6 Ten Hagen A, et al.
Anaphylactic shock during cement implantation of a total hip arthroplasty in a patient with underlying mastocytosis: case report of a rare intraoperative complication.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2016, 10:25
2016 87,958
7 Weckbach S, et al.
A survey on patients’ knowledge and expectations during informed consent for spinal surgery: can we improve the shared decision-making process?
Patient Saf. Surg. 2016, 10:15
2016 87,681
8 Almahmoud K, et al.
Trends in intubation rates and durations in ventilated severely injured trauma patients: an analysis from the TraumaRegister DGU®.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2016, 10:24
2016 85,979
9 Schmitt JW, et al.
Is total hip arthroplasty safely performed in lung transplant patients? Current experience from a retrospective study of the Zurich lung transplant cohort.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2016, 10:17
2016 84,986
10 Stahel PF, et al.
Introducing the “Bone-Screw-Fastener” for improved screw fixation in orthopedic surgery: a revolutionary paradigm shift?
Patient Saf. Surg. 2017, 11:6
2017 82,464
  1. These metrics exclude access numbers through PubMed and other indexing databases