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Table 4 Microbial profile resulting from tissue and sonication cultures

From: Intramedullary reaming modality for management of postoperative long bone infection: a prospective randomized controlled trial in 44 patients

S. aureus23 (40,4%)
CNS*13 (22,9%)
Enterococcus sp5 (9,0%)
Enterobacter sp4 (7,0%)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa3 (5,3%0
S. pyogenes3 (5,3%)
Klebsiella spp.2 (3,3%)
S. agalactiae1 (1,7%)
Providencia spp.1 (1,7%)
Serratia spp.1 (1,7%)
Proteus sp.1 (1,7%)
  1. *CNS Coagulase-negative Staphylococci, including S. epidermidis
  2. Categorical variables are described in number (proportion)