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Table 2 Characteristics of axillary lymph-node dissection surgery in the study population

From: Prevention of lymphedema via axillary reverse mapping for arm lymph-node preservation following breast cancer surgery: a randomized controlled trial

VariableParameterControl group, n (%)Study group, n (%)Total, n (%)χ2p-value
Type of breast cancer surgeryConservative8 (33.3)5 (20.8)13 (27.1)0.9490.330
MRM16 (66.7)19 (79.2)35 (72.9)
Visualization of lymphaticsYesN/A18 (75)N/AN/AN/A
NoN/A6 (25)N/A
Visualization of lymph nodesYesN/A20 (83.3)N/AN/AN/A
NoN/A4 (16.7)N/A
  1. MRM modified radical mastectomy; N/A not applicable