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Table 2 Knowledge of respondents regarding varies aspects of SAP

From: Knowledge, attitude and practice of surgical staff towards preoperative surgical antibiotic prophylaxis at an academic tertiary hospital in Sudan

QuestionsResponse rate (%)
Types of surgery that require SAP:
 Clean surgery involving the placement of prosthesis or implant.41 (84)
 Clean non-prosthetic procedure.17 (35)
 Clean-contaminated surgery36 (74)
 Contaminated surgery40 (82)
 Dirty surgery28 (57)
Accordance to the ASHP guidelines about SAP:
 The 1st choice for SAP in Gastro-duodenal surgeries (GR: Cefazolin).6 (13)
 For patients with a history of Ig E-mediated reaction to penicillin (GR:8 (16)
Vancomycin or clindamycin).
 For procedures in which gram-negative pathogens are common (GR:12 (25)
Ciprofloxacin or Gentamycin).
 For SAP in patients with Appendectomy for uncomplicated appendicitis35 (71)
(GR: Cefazolin + Metronidazole).
 For MRSA colonization (GR: Vancomycin).40 (82)
Sources of knowledge regarding SAP administration
 Textbooks and articles36 (74)
 Knowledge from initial training25 (51)
 Antibiotic prophylaxis guidelines12 (25)
 Consultation with an infectious diseases physician11 (22)
 Internet or personal experience31 (63)