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Table 3 Adherence of participants to ASHP guidelines

From: Knowledge, attitude and practice of surgical staff towards preoperative surgical antibiotic prophylaxis at an academic tertiary hospital in Sudan

Guideline recommendationsAdherence N (%)Non-adherence N (%)
Mechanical bowl preparation:
 mechanical bowel preparation should be used in addition to oral antibiotics.10 (20)39 (80)
Timing to administer parental prophylactic antimicrobials:
 30–60 min prior to surgical procedure.17 (35)32 (65)
Timing to administer parental prophylactic antimicrobials that include vancomycin and fluoroquinolones:
 120 min before surgery.6 (13)43 (88)
Conditions in which SAP dose is repeated:
 procedures that exceed two half-lives of prophylactic antibiotic or cause more than 1500 mL of blood loss.21 (43)28 (57)
Extension of SAP after surgery:
 24 h after surgery.26 (53)23 (47)