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Table 3 Summary of studies analysing the impacts on surgeon's education (Part 2)

From: Restricted duty hours for surgeons and impact on residents quality of life, education, and patient care: a literature review

Education II
Improved No Change Worsen
Source Outcome Source Outcome Source Outcome
_ _ Stamp et al, 2005[17] Pre-post survey of surgical residents (n = 28) Residents felt that their training has not been affected significantly Peabody, 2006[30] Survey of orthopaedic program directors (n = 94) and senior residents (N = 59) The respondents thought that the regulation had a negative impact on orthopaedic residency education
_ _ Hutter et al, 2006[18] Survey of surgical residents (n = 58) and surgical attending physicians (N = 58), ACGME case logs, ABSITE Score Resident training and education objectively were not statisticaly diminisched (ACGME case logs, and ABSITE Score) _ _
_ _ Pappas and Taegue 2007[26] Pre-post evaluation of case-log database. Single university based orthopaedic residency program The new regulation has not decreased the experience of orthopaedic residents _ _