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Featured article: Patient Safety in Surgery: practical tips for authors to circumvent the journal’s high rejection rate

The number of article submissions to “Patient Safety in Surgery” has dramatically increased over the years. Unfortunately, the quality of content and presentation of the submitted manuscripts does not invariably adhere to the standard expectations for scientific publications. The journal’s current high rejection rate of 50% has increased to this level in order to assure that our open-access platform continues to provide novel, high-quality, hypothesis-driven research with scientific merit and clinical relevance. The current featured editorial provides a pragmatic guidance with practical tips & tricks for submitting authors on how to improve the quality of content and presentation of future submissions, and thereby increase the likelihood of acceptance for publication.

About the Editor

"This is an exciting time to be involved in promoting a global culture of patient safety among all healthcare providers, particularly for the next generation of physicians and surgeons. Current patient safety protocols continue to fall short of protecting our patients from suffering unintended harm. Our journal provides a forum for reporting, discussing, and designing new patient safety standards for the future."

– Philip F. Stahel, Editor-in-Chief

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The “Corona Curtain”: an innovative technique to prevent airborne COVID-19 exposure during emergent intubations

Plastic sheeting and other common materials re-purposed to prevent aerosolization of coronavirus.

The current COVID-19 pandemic places healthcare workers at high risk of viral exposure. Emergency department staff are particularly vulnerable when managing patients with acute respiratory distress due to the aerosolization of the virus during endotracheal intubation. This featured article describes a simple, cost-effective, and innovative intubation tent designed to protect staff from viral aerosolization during emergent intubations. The novel intubation tent (termed “Corona Curtain”) was implemented at a high-volume COVID-19 cohorting hospital in Colorado in early April 2020 and is being consistently used for all emergent intubations. This innovative safety measure can be easily templated and validated by other facilities during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Read the entire article here.

Full Collection of COVID-19 Resources from Patient Safety in Surgery

A list of articles published by Patient Safety in Surgery related to COVID-19, updated as new content is published. 

Postoperative mortality among surgical patients with COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis. October 12, 2020. Authored by: Semagn Mekonnen Abate, Bahiru Mantefardo & Bivash Basu. 

Safety measures for COVID-19: a review of surgical preparedness at four major medical centres in Saudi Arabia. September 5, 2020.      Authored by: Mohammad A. Alsofyani, Haifaa M. Malaekah, Ahmed Bashawyah, Mohammed Bawazeer, Khalid Akkour, Sultan Alsalmi, Abdu Alkhairy, Nayef Bin Dajim, Salahaddeen Khalifah, Ibrahim A. Almalki, Farid Kassab, Mohammad Barnawi, Mosfer Almalki, Mohammed Alharthi, Majed Alharthi, Abdulaziz Almalki, Abdullah H. Almalki, Anouar Bourghli & Ibrahim Obeid

COVID-19 in the operating room: a review of evolving safety protocols  July 20, 2020. Authored by: Lakshmanan Prakash, Shabir Ahmed Dhar & Muzaffar Mushtaq 

Lessons learned from the mechanisms of posttraumatic inflammation extrapolated to the inflammatory response in COVID-19: a review  July 9, 2020.  Authored by: Michel P. J. Teuben, Roman Pfeifer, Henrik Teuber, Leonard L. De Boer, Sascha Halvachizadeh, Alba Shehu & Hans-Christoph Pape 

Expanding access for COVID-19 patients by transforming a burn unit into a closed-circuit unit for surgical patients: experience from an academic medical center in Jordan  June 5, 2020.  Authored by: Diab Bani Hani, Omar Altal, Abdelwahab Aleshawi, Ala”a Alhowary & Basil Obeidat 

Introducing the “Corona Curtain”: an innovative technique to prevent airborne COVID-19 exposure during emergent intubations  May 13, 2020.  Authored by: Eric Hill, Christopher Crockett, Ryan W. Circh, Frank Lansville & Philip F. Stahel

The novel immunomodulatory biologic LMWF5A for pharmacological attenuation of the “cytokine storm” in COVID-19 patients: a hypothesis May 13, 2020.  Authored by: Gregory Thomas, Elizabeth Frederick, Melissa Hausburg, Laura Goldberg, Marshall Hoke, Michael Roshon, Charles Mains & David Bar-Or

Successful COVID-19 rescue therapy by extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) for respiratory failure: a case report May 8, 2020.  Authored by: Michael S. Firstenberg, Philip F. Stahel, Jennifer Hanna, Chakradhar Kotaru, Joseph Crossno Jr & Joseph Forrester 

Isolation protocol for a COVID-2019 patient requiring emergent surgical intervention: case presentation  April 19, 2020.  Authored by: Michael S. Firstenberg, Matthew Libby, Michael Ochs, Jennifer Hanna, Julie E. Mangino & Joseph Forrester 

How to risk-stratify elective surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic?  March 31, 2020.  Authored by: Philip F. Stahel 

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