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Table 2 Preliminary Standard treatments based on the CPP of the AO Foundation

From: Challenges and barriers to improving care of the musculoskeletal patient of the future - a debate article and global perspective

Fracture location   
  Around the Stem Distal the Stem At the tip of the Stem
A Primary   
  Prosthesis Osteosynthesis Osteosynthesis
B Revision   
  Prosthesis Osteosynthesis Osteosynthesis
C Loosened Prosthesis   
  Prosthesis Prosthesis Prosthesis
1 Cemented -2 non-cemented   
1 Bone quality good - 2 bad   
  1. Preliminary parameters and standard of treatment that implicates the method based on the CPP of the AO Foundation that is considered as an alpha-numeric code consisting of the letters A-C and numbers 1-3