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Table 1 Diagnoses of the 51 patients

From: The Munich Shoulder Questionnaire (MSQ): development and validation of an effective patient-reported tool for outcome measurement and patient safety in shoulder surgery

Diagnose Patients
Dislocation of the AC-joint 4
Osteoarthritis of the shoulder 4
Dislocation of the Shoulder 4
Shoulder pain of unknown origin 2
Rotator cuff tear 3
Impingement 14
Humeral bone cyst 1
Contusion of the shoulder 1
Fracture of the clavicle 1
Fracture of the scapula 1
Fracture of the humerus 13
Damage of the brachial plexus 1
Biceps tendon tear 1
Shoulder arthroplasty 1
Total number of patients 51