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Archived Comments for: Swiss flag or Red Cross emblem: why the confusion?

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  1. Shared experience

    Rachel Scheibler, Pharmaceutical company

    2 June 2013

    While looking for something completely different on PubMed, I stumbled across your editorial concerning the Swiss flag confusion. It made me laugh because I¿ve experienced the same thing. I am also a dual citizen, and wearing a red t-shirt with the white Swiss cross on it in the US would inevitably draw comments regarding the Red Cross¿ Thanks for the attempt at educating at least some of our fellow citizens :-)

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  2. Ski Patrol's Reversed Colors

    Tracia Liang, 1986

    17 February 2014

    I believe a large part of the reason why the Ski Patrol's Red Cross emblem is reversed (especially when it come to their jackets/shirts) is because on the slopes, using the actual Red Cross on a white background (aka white jacket with a red cross) would make the Ski Patrol person very hard to see against the snow. A red jacket with a white cross would make them highly visible. As emergency response personnel, they need to be very visible. 

    So in that instance, the reversed colors make perfect sense. 

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