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Table 3 Sites of spinal infections, stages of surgical treatment of the spine and bacteriology of tissue samples from the spine

From: Multifocal infections of the musculoskeletal system: description of a safe one-step procedure for eradication of associated spinal infections

Patient number Site of spinal infection Surgical treatment Operative stages Bacteriology of tissue samples
1 Intraspinal abscess L3-S3, lumbar para-vertebral abscesses, abscesses psoas musle left side Decompression and abscess evacuation L4-S1, open abscess drainage paravertebral lumbar, gluteal muscle and psoas musle left side 1 Staph. aureus
2 Spondylodiscitis C5/6 with epidural abscess, thoracolumbar abscesses paravertebral with epidural abscess Tissue debridement Th10-S1 paravertebral, intraspinal abscess evacuation and decompression L3/4, debridement and fusion C5/6 2 negative
3 Spondylodiscitis L3/4 with epidural abscess, abscesses both psoas muscles Posterior instrumentation L2-L5, decompression and debridement L3/4 and fusion, abscess evacuation psoas muscle 1 negative
4 Spondylodiscitis C4-C6 Corporectomy C5, bone grafting, plate fixation C4-C6 1 Staph. aureus
5 Spondylodiscitis L1/2 Posterior stabilization Th12-L3, decompression L1/2, debridement disc space L1/2 and fusion 1 E. coli
6 Spondylodiscitis C4/5 with epidural abscess, spondylodiscitis L2-L5 with epidural abscess, abscesses psoas muscles Decompression, abscess evacuation, debridement disc space C4/5 and ventral spondylodesis C4/5, posterior stabilization Th12-L5, decompression L1-L4 and disc space debridement with fusion, abscess evacuation 1 (and CT-guided drainage abscesses psoas muscles) Staph. aureus
7 Spondylodiscitis C5 to C7 with prevertebral and epidural abscess, spondylodiscitis Th12/L1, absesses in lumbar muscles Decompression, abscess evacuation, debridement disc space C5 to C7 and ventral spondylodesis C5 to C7 and posterior lumbar stabilization Th11 to L2 with fusion Th12/ L1, tissue debridement Th12-L5 paravertebral 1 negative