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Table 1 Time course of the consensus process and development of the ` Aachen Falls Prevention Scale`

From: The ‘Aachen Falls Prevention Scale’ - development of a tool for self-assessment of elderly patients at risk for ground level falls

Pre-Development and scientific discussions
- Kick-off session at the AO Geriatric Course, Aachen 2013
- Pre course meeting for AO Geriatric course in Zurich, Switzerland, 2011, Milan
In-person discussions (Oct 15, 2013 – Jan 10, 2014)
- Meeting to discuss the composition of the expert panel group (Berlin, German Congress of Orthopaedics/Trauma, DKOU 2013)
- Pre-circulation of a preliminary time line prior to DKOU
Literature review (July 1, 2013 – September 10, 2013)
- Assessment of Pub med searches, evaluation of falls tests published on websites and information published by insurance companies
Selection of tests for the practical part of the assessment
- In person panel meetings between Oct 5 and Dec 21, 2013)
Consensus meeting, Jan 10, 2014
- Approval of 10 questions and the practical test