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Table 2 Solutions for industrial middle managers

From: Ethical challenges for medical professionals in middle manager positions: a debate article

  Solutions for middle managers (MM)
Strategies • Involvement and participation in the strategic development
• Correction of unrealistic and incorrect strategies
Role definition • Reflection on the role along with top management (clear mission, expectations and goals)
• Precise definition of the area of responsibility
• Clear action skills
• Clear instructions for conflict cases
• Definition of career objective “middle management” for sustainable business development
• Move away from the image of the transit station on the career ladder
• Demand and promoting a sense of responsibility and authenticity
Pressure to perform • Free space for balance between autonomous and heteronymous leadership
• Deals for professional accompanying consultation, mentoring and coaching
• Offers for communication and conflict training
• Flexible working hours in the interest of MM
• Offers for health promotion in the interest of MM
Qualification • Professionalization of management of operational communication processes
• Targeted training concepts for operational change management
• Programs aiming at achieving advancement in the company (horizontal career paths)
Incentives • Salary levels in relation to top management and the operational core
• Time quotas for qualifications and further training
• Time quotas for self-reflection
• Flattening of hierarchies
Ethics • Formulation and anchorage of a corporate code
• Code of Conduct training for all new hires
• Antecedents of the company values at all levels, in particular by the top management
• None (not-lived) Ethics formulation for marketing reasons
• Active and open communication culture, possibly any specific communication channels for ethical issues
• Regular employee surveys