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Table 1 Patients demographics: Patients age, treated segments, diagnosis and past surgical history

From: Modified technique of transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion for segmental correction of lumbar kyphosis: a safe alternative to osteotomies?

Pat Age Gender Level mTLIF Preop. diagnosis Previous surgery
1 67 m L4/5 Osteochondrosis none
2 46 f L4/5 Osteochondrosis Decompression same level
3 78 f L3/4 Osteochondrosis Laminectomy L4
4 56 f L3/4 Deg. kyphoscoliosis none
5 45 f L4/5 Osteochondrosis none
6 69 m L2/3 Iatrogenic kyphosis with fracture Verteboplasty, Laminectomy
7 48 m L3/4 Lytic spondylolisthesis none
8 42 f L3/4 Osteochondrosis Distraction fusion L4-S1
9 73 m L4/5 Deg. kyphoscoliosis none
10 65 m L2/3 Osteochondrosis Fusion L3-S1, Neurostimulator
11 42 f L1/2 Fracture L1 none