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Table 2 Charlson comorbidity index- clinical conditions by groupsa,b

From: Length of stay, costs, and complications in lumbar disc herniation surgery by standard PLIF versus a new dynamic interspinous stabilization technique

Comorbidity clinical conditions Group 1 (Interspinous) Group 2(Fusion)
Total Number (n = 67) 31 36
Peripheral vascular disease 1 (3.2%) 0
Chronic pulmonary disease 1 (3.2%) 1 (2.8%)
Mild liver disease 1 (3.2%) 0
Diabetes without complication 2 (6.5%) 2 (5.6%)
Tumors 1 (3.2%) 3 (8.3%)
  1. aThe following clinical conditions were not present: Myocardial infarct, Congestive heart failure, Cerebrovascular disease, Dementia, Connective tissue disease, Ulcers, Diabetes with complications, Leukemia, Paraplegia or Hemiplegia, Moderate or severe Renal disease, Lymphoma, Moderate or severe liver disease, Malignant Tumor. Metastasis. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)
  2. Number of patients and percentage by groups
  3. bNumber of patients and percentage by groups