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Table 2 Top-10 most cited PSS articles in other publications (as of Nov. 15, 2017)

From: The 10th anniversary of patient safety in surgery

Rank Article Publication year Citations (n)
1 Kirchhoff P, et al.
Complications in colorectal surgery: risk factors and preventive strategies.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2010, 4:5
2010 80
2 de Vries EN, et al.
The SURgical PAtient Safety System (SURPASS) checklist optimizes timing of antibiotic prophylaxis.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2010, 4:6
2010 52
3 Lynn LA, Curry JP.
Patterns of unexpected in-hospital deaths: a root cause analysis.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2011, 5:3
2011 49
4 Zegers M, et al.
The incidence, root-causes, and outcomes of adverse events in surgical units: implication for potential prevention strategies.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2011, 5:13
2011 36
5 O'Connor P, et al.
Surgical checklists: the human factor.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2013, 7:14
2013 28
6 Liu SS, et al.
Risk of postoperative hypoxemia in ambulatory orthopedic surgery patients with diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea: a retrospective observational study.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2010, 4:9
2010 21
7 Youngson GG, Flin R.
Patient safety in surgery: non-technical aspects of safe surgical performance.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2010, 4:4
2010 20
8 Unbeck M, et al.
Is detection of adverse events affected by record review methodology? An evaluation of the Harvard Medical Practice Study method and the Global Trigger Tool.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2013, 7:10
2013 18
9 Andersson AE, et al.
The application of evidence-based measures to reduce surgical site infections during orthopedic surgery - report of a single-center experience in Sweden.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2012, 6:11
2012 18
10 Robinson Y, et al.
Increased occurrence of spinal fractures related to ankylosing spondylitis: a prospective 22-year cohort study in 17,764 patients from a national registry in Sweden.
Patient Saf. Surg. 2013, 7:2
2013 17