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Table 3 Detailed procedure observed in the donning the glove

From: Adherence to preoperative hand hygiene and sterile gowning technique among consultant surgeons, surgical residents, and nurses: a pilot study at an academic medical center in Indonesia

Donning the gown
1. Opening the wrapper of the gloves by hands inside the sleeves of the gown
2. Inside the sleeve, the left hand is opened and facing up
3. Grasping left glove with right hand (closed by the sleeve) and put the glove over the left hand in opposite direction
4. Grasping the edge of the glove with both hands and making the broad weep motion simultaneously to insert the left hand inside the glove. While inserting into the glove, the left fingers are in adduction then simultaneously abducted.
5. The right hand pulls the edge of the glove and the edge of the sleeve, the glove should cover the cuff part of the sleeve
6. Repeating the same procedure toward the right hand
7. Adjusting the position of the gloves
8. During this procedure, hands DO NOT TOUCH the outer parts of the gloves