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Table 1 Severity criteria on admission, PICU Length of stay and mortality of patients undergoing AS

From: Root causes and outcomes of postoperative pulmonary complications after abdominal surgery: a retrospective observational cohort study

Admitted patients60 cases
PICU hospitalization time in days (median, min-max)
APACHE II (mean ± standard deviation)
SAPS II (mean ± standard deviation)
6.31 days [0.8–21]
22.8 ± 8.1points
50.7 ± 17.9points
PICU Mortality rate (n, %)21.7% (13 patients)
Hospital mortality rate (n, %)36.7% (22 patients)
SMR for SAPS II (median, min-max)0.68 points [0.53–0.74]
Readmission rate < 48 h (%)0.9%
VAP, number of episodes/1000 days of IT (median, min-max)8.7 [7.1–10.3]
  1. APACHE Acute Physiology, Age, Chronic Health Evaluation, AS abdominal surgery, IT tracheal intubation, PICU polyvalent intensive care unit, PPCs Postoperative pulmonary complications, SAPS Simplified Acute Physiology Score, SMR Standardized Mortality Rate, VAP ventilator-associated pneumonia