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Table 4 Odds ratios (ORs) of 30-day in-hospital mortality following surgery on weekdays and weekends

From: Seven-day services in surgery and the “weekend effect” at a Japanese teaching hospital: a retrospective cohort study

 Weekday, N (‰)Weekend, N (‰)Total, N (‰)ORs (95% CI)Adjusted ORs (95% CI)a
Total27(4.5)14(10)41(5.5)2.3 (1.2–4.4)2.4 (1.2–4.9)
Emergency15(21)13(55)28(30)2.7 (1.3–5.8)2.7 (1.2–6.5)
Surgery on the hospitalization day7(19)7(46)14(26)2.5 (0.88–7.4)1.9 (0.57–6.5)
Surgery after the hospitalization day8(24)6(73)14(34)3.2 (1.1–9.5)3.9 (1.1–13.3)
Elective12(2.3)1(0.87)13(2)0.39 (0.05–3.0)0.4 (0.05–3.2)
  1. Values are number (per mille; ‰) or ORs(95%CI)
  2. a Adjusted: propency score (age, sex, ASA class)